FAQs - Web Hosting Gallery

Q: Does Microsoft provide offers in the Web Hosting Gallery?

A: Offers on the Web Hosting Gallery are from local and international Web hosting companies that use Microsoft technologies to host your applications. These companies are neither managed nor owned by Microsoft.

Q: What types of offers are in the Web Hosting Gallery?

A: Partners provide offers ranging from shared hosting, to virtual dedicated servers, to dedicated servers. Specifically, we include the following offer types in the Web Hosting Gallery:

Shared hosting Applications from multiple customers reside on the same server
Virtual hosting Applications from a single customer reside on a single server, with shared physical resources
Dedicated hosting Applications from a single customer reside on a single server, with dedicated physical resources
Promotions Either shared hosting, virtual hosting, or dedicated hosting offers where the offer is available for a limited time.

Q: What are qualifications for “Spotlight” status offers?

A: "Spotlight" status indicates offers that utilize the latest Microsoft technology, deliver 99.9% uptime, and provide 24/7 support.

All offers must pre-install and pre-configure SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 2.0, URL Rewrite, IIS Remote Management, and Web Deploy. Virtual or dedicated hosting offers must also include WebPI. All “Spotlight” offers must also successfully complete a Web Matrix publishing test.

Microsoft will update these requirements as new technologies become available. As a result, certain “Spotlight” offers may lose their eligibility. This ensures a better customer experience using the latest Microsoft technologies for current hosting offers.

Q: What are qualifications for the blue “Featured Offer” section?

A: Featured offers provide each type of hosting (i.e. shared, virtual, or dedicated) at the lowest price per month. As every offer is unique and includes different features, carefully compare each offer.

Q: Has Microsoft verified the offers listed in the Web Hosting Gallery?

A: To provide a high-integrity offer marketplace, Microsoft confirms that the terms of each offer match those listed on partner Web sites. However, since a Provider’s terms may change or there may be details not reflected in the Web Hosting Gallery, you are responsible for reviewing the terms of a Provider’s offer on its Web site.

Q: Why can’t I find an offer in my region?

A: Not every geographic location and country has an offer at all times for all search criteria. In this case, the Web Hosting Gallery will return results from a wider geographic region. Try adjusting the search filters in the left-hand side of the screen to broaden the search criteria.

Q: I am a Hosting Provider, how do I list my offers?

A: Any Hosting Service Provider who offers solutions based on Windows Server may submit offers to the Web Hosting Gallery. Click here to get started: Submit your offers now. The Hosting Provider FAQs contain additional information.

Q: What should I do if an offer contains false information?

A: While you are responsible for reviewing the terms of a Provider’s offer on its Web site, we take steps to confirm that offers on the Web Hosting Gallery accurately reflect the offers from Web Hosting Providers. However, if you find an offer that is inconsistent or contains false information, email with details concerning the inconsistency. We will then work with the Provider to update or remove the offer.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: If an answer isn’t in this FAQ or the Hosting Provider FAQ, email questions to

Q: I developed an application that runs on the Microsoft platform. How can Microsoft help offer this application to hosting companies and their customers?

A: We would like to learn more about your application. Please email so we can connect and discuss this.